People, Motives and Events...
Motiiv is the social media for experiences and motives. 


Motiiv, like Facebook, helps find people who share a common interest with you as well as connect you to friends of friends.

From here however, through experiences, Motiiv lets you truly connect, in person, to people like you – creating everlasting friendships and new bonds. All of this, starting from an event and a common interest.

Motiiv works with businesses in your local area, establishing group deals such that when you go with your group on your experience – you save substantially through group savings.

Through going as a group, a Motiiv group, users save approximately 40% on experiences in comparison to going alone or with a few friends. Motiiv has partnered with 100’s of experience businesses, ranging from theatre, to football clubs to go-karting – we have it all!

Motiiv lets you create your own experience. Whether this is a houseparty, a simple video game social or a fully fledged experience benefitting from a group save, Motiiv lets you create your own event to meet new people who share the same interests as you, alongside existing friends!

By being a social media for the event itself, the limits to experiencing new things, with new people or friends… is limitless.

How organising a Motiiv works…

Motiiv uses two group chats and they work in the following system:

The first group chat allows the group to get to know each other briefly as well as find out generic information about the event i.e. who’s going, the amount of discount available, if any extra equipment/travel is necessary as well as the price. The second group chat is then used to finalise details such as the specific location to meet up, to know your ‘finalised’ group a bit more as well as more confidential information. This is also where Motiiv steps in and finalises the deal with the vendor and handles any custom requests. As a result of the confidentiality, the second group chat can only be accessed once the Motiiv has been paid for. N.B. For free “Motiiv’s” such as house parties, the two group chat process still exists, however the portal is free to enter once the Motiiv leader deems the Motiiv is ready to be finalised, and to provide the details of the Motiiv. To find out more information about how Motiiv works, click the link below: LEARN MORE

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